Mexico City here we come! 🇲🇽

As some of you know, we’ve been dreaming about this for a while. Times like these didn’t make it easier but still not impossible. 


We arrived safely and have enjoyed a couple of days in beautiful Mexico City. At 2250 m (7380 ft) above sea level it took us a day or so to adjust to the altitude. 



My first impression of Mexico City

I was surprised by how clean the streets of the historical center were. They have cleaning personnel scrubbing the already very clean cobble-stone pavement and the spaces between the stones. Insane!


Outside the historical district we visited the markets and busy streets of Mexico City. Here it’s a lot more chaotic and louder! 


At the Gran Hotel we treated ourselves to a three-course meal and got to experience a Mexican national dish called Chiles en Nogada. It was… interesting! Let me know if you’ve ever had it and what you think about it. It is a cold chili pepper stuffed with minced ground beef, pork, almonds, raisins and other dried fruit, all covered in a walnut sauce, parsley and pomegranate. It was wild! So wild I might never try it again… but who knows. 


Beautiful Mexico City

The architecture in this city is amazing! There are lots of old buildings, really impressive but partially also in quite a bad state. Some of them have trees growing out of them. Others look well taken care of. 


People are very friendly and like to chat (in Spanish!). So… what this means for us is that we need to pimp up our Spanish game so we’ll be able to answer in more words than just Si and Gracias. 


Today we moved on to Puerto Vallarta which is a beach town on the Pacific coast. We’re hoping for more delicious food and new connections with locals. 


That’s my update so far. Thank you for reading till the end and hasta luego!



PS: This blog is a sneak peek into my upcoming book about my three years of non-stop travel through Latin America. Know a publisher interested in such stories? Reach out here!


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