Mexican beach life ☀️🏝

Hola from the beach, amigos! 🇲🇽 


2 weeks in… 

and so far we’ve stayed in 5 different towns. After Mexico City we moved to Puerto Vallarta, then Sayulita, San Pancho, Corral del Risco and now… 

back to Puerto Vallarta (PV)! ☀️


Why are we back here? I’ll tell you in a second. Before that let me share some impressions that we’ve collected over the last 2 weeks. 


Life at the beach

First of all, all the places we’ve been to after Mexico City were beach towns. We’ve been traveling with our friends Kim @visitkimpark and Ole @ole.kvammen from Europe and they are staying for another week. Fun! 😆



Being back on the coast, people here are a lot more relaxed and life seems pretty normal. Except…


EXCEPT!! …when you walk a few minutes left or right off the main beach, you get to enjoy empty beaches. Something we always dreamed of when going on vacation. 🏝😍


Empty restaurants at the beach

The same goes for restaurants. We get to sit at the best tables in restaurants, near the water or at the beach. Places you would usually need a reservation for. It’s unfortunate for these places that there are just not enough tourists arriving right now. But we try to keep them in business 😊


I’ll explain further down why I’ve had enough of Mexican food for now. At the moment when we get the chance, we like to go to organic food places or European cafés because these seem to be the ones with more reliable wifi and AC. The food at these places is nice and most importantly ORGANIC. 


Paul @trausner has been trying to find natural smoothies for a long time now. Strangely most places don’t make them with fresh fruit but sweetened sirup, and some add sugar or artificial orange juice. Pablo no quieres. 👎


We’ve been enjoying the organic shops a lot but since they are quite expensive, the only other people you see there are tourists. Probably no Mexican person would want to pay these European prices (4€ for a big smoothie).



Fun fact about every Mexican beach town: 

There are pharmacies everywhere. At least 2 on every block. And they sell EVERYTHING. I personally try to stay away from pain killers and stuff like that, but on this trip Montezuma’s revenge hit me. (So no more Mexican food for me right now!) So I got myself some travel medicine and at the same time was shocked what else they wanted to sell there. Prescription drugs for sleeping, heavy drugs for depression, “lucky” pills for parties and other uppers, anabolic steroids, testosterone pills and injections…CRAZY! Stuff like that would be hard to get in Europe, which is the reason why those pharmacies are targeting tourists mostly. 


We’ve met lots of friendly and generous people, as well as some aggressive ones, like waiters or taxi drivers. People sometimes got angry at us for money-related issues such as not tipping enough (restaurants often expect 20% tip which we didn’t know). One taxi driver who suddenly changed the price that was agreed upon and we refused to pay more. He then took photos of us and threatened us with the police. Perhaps understandably, desperate times call for desperate measures. 


There have been amazing people such as Diego @diego.camberos.9 who overheard that we were thinking about taking the public bus to the next town and offered us a ride with his car. We met lovely people on another bumpy bus ride who were excited to meet people from Europe and eager to give advice on which beach to visit next. ☀️🏝


After spending about 3 days in each small beach town, we decided to come back to PV. 


So why are we here? 😊


Even though it’s quite touristy, PV seems to be the only place so far with okay wifi. To plan the next part of our trip we need to research online and that had been difficult in the last week. In addition to that, I want to start doing some marketing and finally launch my online course…but again, I need reliable wifi for that. So unfortunately I haven’t been able to start getting my course out yet, which means it is still available for free if you want to test it and give me feedback on it. Let me know!


Overall, we’ve had two exciting weeks with Kim and Ole. Also, we got to enjoy some couple’s time, such as our first couple’s mani-pedi (I’m not allowed to post pictures 💅🏼😊). Paul and I like to spend time working together on our iPads and catching up on all kinds of business online, which is why we just chose this really nice danish bakery #Littenbrot in PV.


Watch this short video I created about Mexican beaches:

That’s my update so far. Thank you for reading till the end and hasta luego!



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