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Have you wondered how you can start traveling non-stop?

After two years of studying all countries suitable for digital nomads worldwide, I started connecting the dots of which country serves which purpose best. As a perpetual nomad I‘ve been traveling non-stop since 2020. My initial goal was to get a residency in Paraguay, which is an attractive home base geographically as well as for business reasons.

Alexandra Allover traveling Paraguay
Alexandra Allover traveling Paraguay

How to get a second residency

Procedures to obtain additional residencies vary from country to country. After doing intense research it has become clear to me that, compared to other countries worldwide, Paraguay offers the easiest, fastet and cheapest residency to put down another flag.

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What is the Flag Theory?

The goal is to plant your flags in as many places as possible and diversify your life to secure your assets and live in freedom.

The idea is that every time you‘re in a new country, you plant a flat to diversify your life with regard to business, personal lifestyle, finances, investments, taxes etc.

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How do you work while traveling?

In order to work remotely, you need to find a niche that offers you the opportunity to work online. A great set-up is creating a US LLC, for example in Florida. Like this you can run your business from the United States while having your residency in Paraguay or another country with territorial tax system.

As a former teacher, I now coach students and parents online. It allows me to choose my own business hours and spend the rest of my time exploring different countries, education systems and alternative schooling methods.

Full-time travel

I could tell you that traveling full-time is a lot of work and really stressful. But you wouldn’t believe me anyway… 😉 And I don‘t blame you! The stuff I post of my travels is amazing and beautiful and often even hard for myself to believe that I find them while traveling on a budget.

I have a set budget per night, which has made it sometimes challenging yet fun to research and learn about travel hacks to find the best places to feel comfortable and still have a working internet connection.

Alexandra Allover expat South America
Alexandra Allover expat traveling South America

Having traveled South America non-stop since 2020 I created short clips of places I really enjoyed. Mostly of hotels but also of real estate and properties we visited. If you‘re interested in my hotel reviews, travel vlogs, or perpetual travel tips, check out my Youtube channel and blog posts.

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