Bahiatropical Review: Discover Tranquil Canavieiras from Its Old Town 🇧🇷

Digital Nomad Discovery: Live and Work in Canavieiras, Experiencing the Unique Blend of Deserted Island and Tranquil Cobblestone Historical Town at Pousada Bahiatropical—for the Price of a Hostel.



Nestled within the historic heart of Canavieiras, Brazil, Pousada Bahiatropical emerges as a tranquil retreat where the essence of island living harmonizes with everyday rhythms. Connected by a charming bridge to the island of Canavieiras, this hidden gem features 10 elegantly appointed apartments, each equipped with kitchens, catering to both short-term adventurers and long-term digital nomads seeking respite from the bustling world beyond.

Arriving in this quaint town marked a milestone in my years of continuous travel across South America: discovering the luxury of residing in a town boasting an unspoiled beach and a nearby deserted island—both available for the price of a budget stay.




A Tranquil Retreat

Stepping into Pousada Bahiatropical feels akin to uncovering a secret oasis of tranquility. Unassuming from the exterior, one could easily overlook its hidden charms until stepping inside. Nonetheless, the pousada’s intimate setting in the heart of the historic old town ensures convenient access to everything, from local markets to the expansive beaches. Unlike many parts of South America, the beaches here stretch over 70 kilometers of natural reserve, renowned for their pristine condition.



During my stay, early morning walks along the 100-meter-wide beach, with only my footprints and occasional horse tracks in the sand, offered a serene contrast to the bustling city life experienced in places like Rio de Janeiro or Natal.


In This Article

Throughout this article, we’ll explore the distinctive offerings of Pousada Bahiatropical, where tranquil paradise meets affordability. Discover the allure of each apartment, indulge in a diverse array of local and international cuisine crafted by expats who have made Canavieiras their home, experience rejuvenating massage treatments nearby, and uncover tips to make the most of your stay in this secluded haven. Experience the tranquility of an empty beach and a deserted island—with rates tailored for long-term travelers.



The Rooms

All apartments at Pousada Bahiatropical are strategically positioned around the central pool, the heart of this cozy hotel.



Each apartment offers a unique perspective of the surroundings, with many featuring a veranda or rooftop terrace overlooking the river that separates the island from the old town. Whether you prefer morning or evening sun, or a view of the pool—every apartment provides a distinctive ambiance.



Inside, every apartment’s design is unique. While all include at least one double bed, some also feature additional double or single beds to accommodate various guest configurations.



Additionally, each apartment is equipped with a full kitchen and appliances, ensuring guests have the flexibility to prepare their own meals. 




While most apartments are equipped with air conditioning, those without are cleverly designed to optimize natural airflow. But you might not even need it because the best part of this town is its ideal climate. Tranquil Canavieiras enjoys temperatures around 25-27 degrees Celsius (77-81 degrees Fahrenheit) year-round, providing natural comfort throughout your stay and being the reason of attracting so many long-term visitors. 


Activities and Experiences

The owner, Peter, is a well-traveled individual who has spent decades in South America. After many years of exploring, he chose to settle in Canavieiras for its favorable climate. He often jokes that the attraction of this town is its lack of attractions. While I understand his point, especially during the off-season when things get very calm, I have to disagree since I experienced once-in-a-lifetime adventures in Canavieiras.


Highlights of Canavieiras

Firstly, one of the highlights was a one-hour horseback ride on the beach, where you have the freedom to gallop or stroll at your own pace.



You can also stay in bungalows on the island, enjoying the serene island life. However, after three weeks on the island, I truly appreciated the convenience of the old town. There, everything is within walking distance, providing more amenities and dining options.



In addition, you can take boat rides with local fishers who will guide you through the mangroves or take you to the nearby town of Belmonte. Canavieiras is also known for its annual blue marlin fishing event, which attracts international fishing enthusiasts. They catch and release the fish, showcasing the sport fishing culture. You can enjoy activities like futevolei (a mix of soccer and volleyball) and small musical events, which offer a taste of the vibrant Brazilian party spirit akin to the Rio Carnival but on a smaller scale.

Morning sunrise walks on the beach with no one around are magical, as are moonlit walks where the sand glows as bright as snow. These clean and serene beaches provide a stark contrast to the crowded shores found elsewhere in South America.



The tranquil island itself is a natural reserve, featuring both palm and pine trees, giving it a unique appearance. Therefore, no large hotel chains are allowed, and any building near the ocean must adhere to a maximum two-floor rule, ensuring that no structure is taller than the surrounding palm trees (9 meters or 29.5 feet).


The Old Town 

The Old Town is home to the Sitio Historico, a street lined with colorful neo-colonial style houses, many of which are now restaurants.



While you might enjoy cooking in your apartment, especially on Mondays when many shops and restaurants in small-town Brazil are closed, the town’s port offers a variety of dining options. Here, you’ll find seafood restaurants, steakhouses, sushi bars, pizzerias, and places serving traditional food and drinks. It can be quiet during the week or in the low season, but this is where you’ll meet locals, tourists, and expats. Interestingly, many tourists visit once, fall in love with the town, and decide to stay, opening their own pousadas or restaurants.



Digital Nomadism in a Tranquil Setting

For those who blend work with wanderlust, Pousada Bahiatropical provides essential amenities like high-speed fiber internet, catering perfectly to the needs of digital nomads. The atmosphere encourages productivity without sacrificing the allure of a laid-back tropical lifestyle. The pousada’s setting attracts a diverse crowd, including many foreigners who have made Canavieiras their second home, establishing boutique hotels and restaurants that add an international flair to the local scene. Despite being in his 70s, the owner Peter is eager to learn about nomad life and digital work. You’ll enjoy conversing with him for hours at his cozy BBQ area next to the pool, beneath large green leaves and red blossomed trees. It’s a beautiful mix of tropical and city life.




Low Season

In the quieter months, Canavieiras slows to a whisper, offering a peaceful retreat for those who relish solitude. The town’s small-town charm remains intact, creating an ideal environment for introspection and relaxation. Even during the high season, which is December till February, when more tourists roam the cobblestone streets of Canavieiras, you will feel different from other towns where street vendors are trying to lure you. Here, it is all “tranquillo.”



In the low season, you will barely meet tourists there. This is one of the reasons why Canavieiras holds a special place in my heart. I’ve spent three years in a row in Canavieiras and seen it in all its states. During the low season, hotels and restaurants have few guests. Often, when we visited restaurants, we were the only guests for the evening. We spent time with the owners, who gladly joined us at our table to chat. It‘s heartwarming to see them go the extra mile just for a couple of guests. They would often fire up the grill just for a plate for two. It was clear that the people of Canavieiras have had to get by with few tourists and often go above and beyond to please the few visitors they have.


How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Stay

While the town and island of Canavieiras offer the benefits of seclusion, reaching them requires some planning. Transportation can be arranged from airports like Salvador, Ilhéus, or Porto Seguro. Bus options are available at a low price, ensuring accessibility even to this secluded coastal paradise.

In order to ensure a reliable internet connection and easily accessible restaurant and supermarket options, Pousada Bahiatropical is your best bet in town. Owner Peter, eager to learn more about digital nomads, offers special deals for long-term travelers, such as rooftop lofts starting from 550 euros per month, including all costs. During the high season around January, prices start at 850 euros (prices as of July 2024, contact for current rates). Surely, Peter will gladly assist you in planning your arrival, activities, and getting around town. Contact him for offers or advice here.


Final thoughts on Tranquil Canavieiras

Finally, Canavieiras is a town dear to my heart, a hidden gem where tranquil small-town life meets beautiful architecture and deserted beaches. As a perpetual traveler with a journalistic mission to find the best places to live in South America, I’ve found something truly special here. 



Pousada Bahiatropical offers a unique blend of comfort and community, making it an ideal destination for both short-term visitors and long-term residents. Whether you’re drawn by the quiet charm, the historic beauty, or the unspoiled coastline, this town has a way of captivating those who seek a slower pace and genuine experiences.

I look forward to meeting new faces on my next visit to Canavieiras. If you appreciate the tranquility of small-town life and the allure of pristine beaches, I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself at Pousada Bahiatropical.



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