My experience at the Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiânia – a world-famous healing place 🇧🇷

Before you start reading, take a look inside the Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiânia:


I didn’t really know anything about Abadiânia before we arrived there. Probably we would have never visited if our new friend Jutta hadn’t invited us to meet her at her Pousada in this small town close to Brasilia.


Already one year before, Jutta saw through my Youtube videos that I was traveling in Brazil and reached out for the first time. Due to limited time and the large distances in Brazil I didn’t manage to make it there. However, this year we would finally make the trip to meet Jutta and her family in Abadiânia. 


Abadiânia – a small town of international fame?


Arriving there we noticed the diverse mix of people from all different countries. Besides Brazilians we saw tourists on short visits and expats from all over the world. How come this little town has so many visitors?

On our first night at Jutta’s Pousada Octogono we had a long chat about life and what brought us to Brazil. Paul and I had just come from a busy week in Brasilia and were happy to wind down and enjoy some peace and quiet. Abadiânia was the perfect place for that. But besides that it is also home to a world-famous sanctuary that is visited by numerous international people.


The Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiânia


We learned about the well-known spiritual healing center in Abadiânia. Years ago it was home to the Medium Joao Teixera de Farias, also known as Joao de Deus (or John of God.) Millions of people have visited the place to seek cures for their ailments ranging from cancer and AIDS to fractures and vision problems. 


Joao de Deus is said to be a powerful mediumship in which benevolent spirits or entities use his body to perform healing. In extreme cases he would also perform surgeries on stage. As merely the host to these spirits he would always claim that it is not him that offers healing to the people, but God himself. 


While on a typical day during John of God’s time he would treat around 1000 people per day, now the Casa sees significantly less people. Nevertheless, the healing energies are still supposed to be present. And people can seek healing there. 

The Casa is only open to the public Wednesday to Friday. But through our contact we were allowed in to take a look around on a Sunday. 


How can I get Healing now?


All of this sounds pretty incredible. A man who has supposedly helped millions of people get healthy. I saw a room full of walking aids that people left behind because they didn’t have use for them anymore. Moreover, numerous healing stories and photos. But is that really proof?

I’ve been suffering from back pain for over five years. Having consulted numerous physical therapists, it is something that no one could ever really help me with. According to doctors, I have some kind of back strain. However, I’ve kinda learned to live with it because I don’t really know what to do anymore. 


The dim side of Abadiânia 


People told us stories about why Joao de Deus is not actively working at the Casa anymore.

In fact, in 2018, after over 600 accusations of sexual abuse, he turned himself in to police. Some people claim that he abused his power, mistreating patients that came to him. Others think he was a danger to Western medicine because of the healing of incurable illnesses. Personally I cannot say if he was the real deal. But I do believe in the power of the mind. And if a visit at the Casa can give you a more powerful mindset, no matter if an actual person is present there or not, I think it’s worth trying.


Inside the Casa


Being inside the Casa, I got the impression of it being a mix of church and hospital. There was an area labeled “pharmacy“, a bigger room with seats to watch the stage, a nice garden, a soup kitchen etc.

The most interesting part was closed off. It was the area where people who ask for healing get in line. It’s only open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Even though that Sunday I was there it was all empty, I still felt a strange tension. It was like a strong pressure on my chest. I couldn’t tell if it came from my nervous breathing or if I actually felt a higher power on my chest. 


I felt weird preparing a letter to the entities asking them for healing of my back. Is this piece of paper really going to change anything? I left the note on the sacred triangle that represents faith, love and charity. While I was doing this, I tried to visualize my back, the pain and the healing. Just like you do when meditating. 



How would these sacred entities find me to heal my back?


Besides my wish to get a stronger back, I wrote down where the healing spirits would find me. But I didn‘t have an address… so what do I write? Since I don’t have a permanent home, I wrote down our car license plate number. It‘s already odd enough leaving a note to the spirit entities, so why not go all the way! 


For the next days I should stay aware of any changes in my back area. I tried doing that every night before I went to sleep.


Two days later in the car I suddenly started having intense breathing problems. Paul was driving and was getting a bit nervous watching me how I could barely calm down. 


I had a realization of why I had been having back problems for so many years. I felt like someone was telling me what went wrong and what to do to get rid of it again.


It all sounds logical but why have I not seen it earlier?


Without revealing too much of my personal history, I want to share with you that it had something to do with standing up for myself. Sometimes I give in just to avoid conflict or to be polite. As a coach I help people, teaching them that they should go for what they want in life. When it comes to one‘s personal life, one sometimes forgets about following the most basic rules. 


Mental strength and back strength are connected. Realizing this already gave me a more powerful mindset. 


For the next six days my life was totally different. I did not feel any pain, I could go out eat at restaurants, sit in cafés, all without pain. Something I was not able to do for the last 5+ years.


Interestingly, on day number 7, I had a stressful situation on the road. Immediately my back pain was back. Ouch!


However, I remembered my time at the Casa and being aware of my body and back. So I tried to regain my mind power and could get some strength back step by step. 


How is life today?


Ever since my visit in Abadiânia, I can say I have achieved a good balance of what I felt the last years and a now pain-free life. It is dependent on my mindset.


I guess I could have achieved a pain free back in another way but the Casa and positive energies around it made me more aware of it. Being there helped me control my mind and consequently my feeling of pain.


It showed me that you don’t need medicine to get rid of pain. It’s all in the mind. The Casa Dom Inácio offered to people a powerful change of mindset and well-being. And this is what the secret of Casa might have been over the last decades. No matter if with or without the well-known medium Joao de Deus. 


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Learn more about Casa de Dom Inacio in my Video:


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  2. Marcia Murphy on April 5, 2024 at 1:07 pm

    This story and video is fabulous! I just came back from spending eight good weeks in Abadiania at the Casa and am on my way to another wonderful healing as I take the herbs prescribed for me by the Beings of Love and Light. This was my 15th trip there since 2004 when I was healed of a major environmental illness. My experience there is similar to the one you described. I was separated from God’s Love in a variety of ways since childhood and that had to be seen and worked with before my physical healing could be complete. It’s an important lesson for everyone to learn! I hope you return to Abadiania and benefit again! Thanks for sharing!

    • Alexandra Allover on April 5, 2024 at 4:03 pm

      Hi Marcia! Thanks for sharing your story. I returned to Abadiania last year and it was wonderful. I intend to come back again this year. Hope to see you there! 🙂

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