How can you do it? As Digital Nomad around the globe!

I left Europe in search of a free Digital Nomad life that allows me to live abroad and work remotely. 


It took two years of essential research, preparation and self-work to understand what I need to get done to live the life I had dreamed of. 


How do you start to transform your life?


I could tell you all about it but all you need to know to start is to create positive energy around you. Talk as if your goal is already within your reach. Be aware of…


  • the way you think
  • the things you say
  • the people you hang out with etc.


…and new doors will open up for you. 


Play the cards you’re dealt and look at what you can make out of it. 


  • What experience in your life can help you transform to where you want to be?
  • What were your jobs?
  • What are you good at?
  • Who are the people who make you feel good?


💡 Come up with a set goal and a master plan of how to get there. In my case it was daily struggle but it came with adventure and also gratitude for this new perspective on life. 


🤫 What I’ve learned is that people who are happy with their own lives are happy for you as well. Stick with these people and their positivity. It will get you places.


The Quarter-Yearly-Living Challenge as Digital Nomad


For me it’s been a real adventure trying to live the Quarter-Yearly-Living Challenge with Paul Trausner, moving from country to country every three months. Daily tasks include bureaucracy such as registering new residences, opening bank accounts, buying a car or just finding a place with a stable internet; and besides that still working on our businesses. 


How to make money as Digital Nomad


🧑‍🎓 As a former teacher and coach I now offer online coaching for students with my company Learn Allover LLC. But for you it could be online translating work or virtual assistance. Literally anything you are good at you can do online and already start it while you’re still in your old job or old environment. (I am looking for a new VA starting July btw) 😉


Anyway, the third quarter of our journey is coming to an end in July and we are looking for a new country to explore. 


I hope I could trigger some thoughts for you to start planning the life you dream of.


What are your experiences in Latin America or other popular tourist places? 

Share your experiences in my new Facebook Group for Expats on Nomad Housing & Travel Tips!


Lots of love!


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PS: This blog is a sneak peek into my upcoming book about my three years of non-stop travel through Latin America. Know a publisher interested in such stories? Reach out here!


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